Explorin’ Williamsburg

These past two weekends a few of my friends and I ventured further into Brooklyn to explore Williamsburg a little. Williamsburg is full of good food, good people, and tons of awesome graffiti.   The first weekend the original plan was to go to the Phumpling Co. restaurant to get some pho dumplings (hence phumplings). However once we reached the location we discovered, not the … Continue reading Explorin’ Williamsburg

A Fun Weekend: Sushi + Maker Faire

Hi all! So this is a rather late post, because this week was just craazy! I’m talking about lab reports, tests, etc. Last weekend, September 26-27, Liz and I treated ourselves to sushi with another friend., and then  I attended NYC Maker Faire with another friend. We went to Sake Sushi in Brooklyn on Saturday, from our friend’s recommendation. We were suppposed to get there … Continue reading A Fun Weekend: Sushi + Maker Faire

Hello world! It’s us, BeautyOfTwoCoasts!

Greetings internet! Welcome to our blog! For our first post we thought we should introduce ourselves a little and let you get to know us. We’re currently both attending college in Brooklyn, NY where we’re majoring in our respective engineering fields. We first met as college freshman when we were assigned as roommates. From there we discovered our similar interests in yummy food and watching … Continue reading Hello world! It’s us, BeautyOfTwoCoasts!